Find the perfect Dining Room Colors

Warm colors like reds, oranges and yellows are popular for dining rooms since they evoke energy and creativity, but can also be luxurious and dynamic. Red, specifically, is a popular choice for dining rooms since it stimulates conversation and appetite, but no color is really considered off limits for a dining room.

Before finalizing your color scheme, look around the room you plan to paint. Consider the colors of things you can’t change, such as flooring, window treatments, furniture, stone or brick features. Remember to work these tones into your color scheme. Consider the unique lighting conditions of your room as well before finalizing your color palette.

Check your colors by holding paint chips against your walls and existing elements, or by painting a small area with an actual sample of your choice, so you have the truest color representation before you begin painting.

Want to see your dining room in a different color? Upload a photo of your dining room to our digital paint color visualizer and easily preview your dining room in any of our colors.

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