Find the perfect Kid's Room/Nursery Colors

Nurseries and kid’s rooms provide an opportunity for fun in your home! Turn your child’s room into a kaleidoscope by choosing multiple fun colors then repeat, repeat, repeat. You could choose five colors – one for each wall and the ceiling then pull those same colors through the other elements in the room such as the bedspread, curtains, pillows and other accents.

Not ready for this much color? Choose a lighter or more neutral color for the walls then add pops of color through accents and by painting bright colors in unexpected places such as the back of book shelves, dresser drawers or the inside of the closet. For nurseries, lighter colors and pastels are popular choices. Bright bold colors should be avoided since they create energy and may hinder rest for the baby.

Want to see your nursery in a different color? Upload a photo of your nursery to our digital paint color visualizer and easily preview your nursery in any of our colors.

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