Our Most Popular Colors

Our most loved, most used and most sold paint colors organized for you

We gathered our best-selling paint colors by color family so you can easily find the perfect hue for your next painting project with our paint color palette. Timeless classics, modern favorites and even some unexpected hues make the cut. As you consider looks that will stand the test of time, consider these paint colors that have stood out to our customers.

Popular Gray Paint Colors

While whites shout, grays whisper. Sophisticated and atmospheric, grays are ideal for a quieter vibe.

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Popular White Paint Colors

White spaces are all about light, whether it’s creating it, reflecting it, or magnifying it. Whites can be pure, creamy, refined, warm or cool.

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Popular Blue Paints Colors

As the most popular paint color used in interior design, blue can make a space feel larger and stimulate productivity. 

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Popular Green Paint Colors

Green is a soothing, peaceful and refreshing color often associated with nature.

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Popular Brown Paint Colors

Brown is warm and earthy, safe and comforting. Serious, while also warm and soft, brown evokes a sense of strength and reliability. 

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Popular Yellow Paint Colors

Because yellow is friendly and welcoming, this popular paint color is often used in foyers and hallways to welcome guests. 

Browse Popular Yellow Paint Colors

Popular Red Paint Colors

Red is an emotionally intense color that stimulates the brain, increases the heart rate and encourages action.

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Popular Orange Paint Colors

Assertive and fun, orange stimulates conversation, making it ideal for dining rooms and kitchens.

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Popular Purple Paint Colors

Purple is viewed as a regal color, historically associated with royalty and high society.

Browse Popular Purple Paint Colors
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