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Shutters & Trim


Shutters and trim are vital components for helping your exterior stand out. Making the right choices will ensure you'll be satisfied with your work for years to come. Shutters and trim are ideal accents that draw attention to your home, and they help emphasize the architectural elements you want to stand out.

Shutters & Trim

Accessorize Your Exterior

Shutters are a great addition to your exterior, and they work well with most contemporary homes' styles. Consider using materials that can withstand the effects of weather, including ones made of fiberglass, wood composites, or PVC.

When trying to match up the proper size and style, opt for shutters that cover the entire window when closed.

If you’re trying to complement the base color, consider using bold, vibrant colors such as Charcoal Smoke (D65-6) for your trim and accents. Looking to downplay the accents? Go with a paint color that’s the same shade as your base in order to camouflage those elements.

How to Get Great Shutters

  • Scrape off any loose paint and lightly sand the surface. Clean the surface with a wet sponge.
  • Use a high-quality exterior Paint + Primer in One with strong adhesion such as Olympic ONE™ Exterior in a semi-gloss sheen, with a 2-2 ½ inch-wide nylon/polyester brush.
  • Begin painting your shutter slats starting at the top. Use lighter strokes on freshly painted areas to reduce unwanted stroke marks.
  • Move to top corner of shutter, and paint the side edge closest to the house. Continue until all sides are covered, and wipe off excess paint that overlapped onto the stiles.
  • From the top of the shutter, paint the face with long, smooth brush strokes until complete. For best results, air dry according to manufacturer direction, and add a second coat.