Paint color tips and tricks to help you find that perfect color for your next project.

  • Great looks are in the details

    Great Looks are in the Details

    Increase your home's curb appeal by focusing on stain accents such as fencing, deck trim and shutters.

  • Adding color in unexpected places

    Adding Color in Unexpected Places

    Use vibrant paint colors to brighten utilitarian spaces such as garages, workshops, laundry rooms and breezeways.

  • It's ok to color outside the lines

    It's ok to Color Outside the Lines

    Making nurseries and kids' rooms can be fun for adults too by being playful and adventurous with paint colors.

  • Identify targets of opportunity

    Identify Targets of Opportunity

    Look to closets, pantries, cabinets and other targets of opportunity to give your home a simple, creative addition.

  • Beyond white is bright

    Beyond White is Bright

    Try using warm colors instead of plain white to bring more character to the room while still brightening it up.

  • When to choose your colors

    When to Choose Your Colors

    Whether you're matching your paint color to window treatments, bedding or other accessories, choose your paint color last.

  • Mouldings & Trim use 'em or lose 'em

    Mouldings & Trim Use 'em or Lose 'em

    Accentuate trim or mouldings by using a lighter or darker contrast color. Hide trim or mouldings by using the color of the wall.

  • Choosing the white that's just right

    Choosing the White that's Just Right

    Use tinted whites to create a warm and inviting feeling in place of plain white paint.