Prep Matters

Lasting results start with the right prep.

Watch as Dominick takes you through the how-tos that are crucial to the successful resurfacing of your deck or patio with Olympic® RESCUE IT!®

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  • Ready Your Deck
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    Ready your deck

    Find out if your deck is a candidate for RESCUE IT! Resurfacer and see what issues must be fixed before application.

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  • Clean the Wood
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    Clean the wood

    Learn how to remove stains caused by mildew, algae and dirt to help clear the way for proper adhesion.

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  • Sand & Caulk
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    Sand & Caulk

    Watch how to rid the deck of loose wood fibers and learn which types of cracks need to be caulked.

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  • Apply RESCUE IT!
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    Apply RESCUE IT!

    Get tips on the best way to brush and roll the product across the whole deck for a smooth, lasting finish.

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