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Color Guide: Painting the Entryway

Find the perfect exterior palette for maximum curb appeal

Meet Allison, an artist who lives with her husband and manages her business in this Victorian-era home. When considering a new color palette for the exterior, Allison wanted to highlight the elaborate trim and sunburst lunette above her doorway with pops of color and contrast. She chose a bright palette of gold, blue, and cool green tones, which promotes a serene, harmonious atmosphere reminiscent of the natural world. What color family best suits your entryway?
1. Make a Statement with Complementary Colors
Want your front door to stand out from the sidewalk? Select a color that lies opposite on the color wheel from that of your home. Complementary colors create the strongest contrast. If your home is a warm orange-brown, consider painting your door bright blue for a bold and inviting entryway.

2. Go Subtle with an Analogous Palette
If your entryway features fine architectural details like decorative trim, intricate framing, or a unique lunette like Allison’s, consider an analogous palette. This grouping consists of three hues that lie close together on the color wheel. The gradient nuances in color will create a subtle contrast to show off your sophisticated entryway. Reference our color stripe cards, available in Lowe’s stores at the Olympic color center, to find the perfect analogous color pairing for your space. Or browse our colors online.

3. Pay Homage to Your Home
Honor your home’s heritage with a palette of historically accurate colors. If you have an ornate Victorian like Allison, consider bright pastels. Love your Craftsman bungalow? Choose muted, earthy tones to match your environment. Find the perfect creamy white for your New England cottage. With a little research and a coat of paint, you can take your home back in time.

4. Choose a Durable Paint for Lasting Color
To ensure maximum curb appeal and durability, Allison chose our Olympic® ONE® Exterior Paint, a paint and primer in one with Exclusive All-Climate Protection Package™ for guaranteed performance and durability. Now, the subtle accents and period architecture of her Victorian home will bring charm to the neighborhood for years to come. Browse our products to find the right exterior paint for your needs.
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