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Exterior House Paint Colors You Will Love

Finding the right color is everything. Let us help.

Q:  I want to choose a new exterior color for my home but I don't know where to start. Can you help?

A:  Giving your home a welcoming feel is one of the best improvements a homeowner can make. Give your home the right first impression by choosing the best exterior house colors. Finding the right color is necessary to helping you build a look that is both inviting and classic enough to stand the tests of time. Here are a selection of colors that are sure to positively impact your home for years to come.

Phoenix Fossil



Phoenix Fossil is one of the most beautiful grays on the market. A mix of both light and dark hues, it is an all-purpose color that can fit nearly any house. If you are a new homeowner looking for a safe fit, you cannot go wrong with this lovely gray. Phoenix Fossil is a conservative color that ensures a solid background for your home. When onlookers see this color, they will respect its solid tone. The best exterior paint colors speak for themselves, and Phoenix Fossil is amazing at this task.

Winter Haven


Winter Haven is white with a hint of blue. In the wintertime, this color blends in with the background to create a perfect scene for the holidays. It is light enough to be passive, yet it is definitely more exciting than a typical neutral. Because Winter Haven is light, make sure to use it sparingly in regions with excessive amounts of sunlight. However, if you use it properly, it is one of the most beautiful exterior paint colors on the market.



Sorcerer is a darker blue that is excellent for increasing curb appeal. If you are looking to make a statement, Sorcerer is a classic color that is still exciting enough for adventurous homeowners. When people see Sorcerer, they will see a home that stands out within the neighborhood it resides.

Golden Grass


Golden Grass is an exotic color that has risen in popularity over the past few years. Natural in its appearance it resembles dried beach grass. Regardless of where you live, it contributes to a feeling of a warm environment that is naturally welcoming. This gorgeous hue is ideal for any home with multiple viewing angles.

 Whether people recognize it or not, the color of a house gives off a huge first impression on the viewer. By choosing the right colors from our suggestions above you can be sure to turn your home into a neighborhood showstopper.  Now, to find the right paint to use on your home click the link below.

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