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Fireplace Flair

Paint your brick fireplace beautiful with these easy steps

Change the fireplace and you’ll change the entire room. Whether it’s wood-burning, gas, or decorative, a fireplace is always the focal point and painting it is an easy and inexpensive way to add cozy, make a splash, or introduce elegance. Here’s how to make it happen.

 Gather supplies and choose a color

  • Undiluted vinegar and a wire brush to scrub the brick clean
  • Painter’s tape
  • Drop cloths
  • A 100% acrylic universal primer
  • Olympic ONE Paint (Note: if your brick gets hot to the touch, you’ll need to use a hi-temp coating.)
  • A wide paintbrush
  • A high nap roller

White painted brick fireplaces add cool sophistication, and Moonlit Snow is a versatile color to make this trend your own in rooms that are white, gray, beige, or blue. For a look that’s brilliantly bold, use 2018 Color of the Year Black Magic in a white room.

Note: If your brick is new, make sure the mortar joints have had at least 30 days to set and cure before painting.

Clean the brick

First, spray your fireplace with vinegar and scrub it with a wire brush. Soak up the vinegar with a towel, rinse the fireplace with water, and then towel the brick dry.


Next, guard against unwanted paint splatters. Use painter’s tape to cover your walls where they meet the fireplace and to secure plastic drop cloths to your mantel and hearth. Don’t forget to cover the floor too!


Now it’s time to see results: using a paintbrush, coat the spaces between the bricks with primer and edge along any walls or surfaces you’ve taped off. Then roll the primer over the rest of the brick. Use a paintbrush to cover any missed spots.  


Once the primer dries, you can apply the paint following the same steps you used to apply the primer. Let the paint dry and remove all painter’s tape and drop cloths. Now grab some blankets and snuggle in—winter is in full swing and you’re ready.

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