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Black Wooden Railings Add A Touch Of Class To Any Home

Painting a wooden railing black can create a look of sophistication

Wooden railings are a staple of porches and decks across America. This classic fixture has been around for a very long time and will continue to be popular for years to come. Although natural wood finishes are very common on railings, black railings have exploded in popularity recently.
If you aren’t afraid to make a bold statement and want a look of sophistication, choose Olympic’s 2018 Color of the Year Black Magic.

Black Pairs Well With Almost Anything

Adding a black wooden railing to the exterior or interior of your home makes a bold statement. It shows you aren’t afraid to deviate from the norm. An exterior black wooden railing makes your house stand out from the crowd while still staying classy and mature. Black paint colors with subtle hues, like our Black Magic paint color, allow you to bring a hint of mysterious adventure to your painting project. Also, just like in fashion, black goes with almost anything. Pair rich black paint colors such as this with homes that are painted in light neutrals or with visible stained wood siding for a truly classic look. Use a rich black like Black Magic to give an exterior entryway a truly high-class feel.


A Touch Of Sophistication For Trim

Since black is such a bold color, incorporating it into a stair railing or newel post allows it to shine without looking too overpowering. It doesn’t look heavy or oppressive, but your house will look trendy with a bit of edge. Adding the same black paint color to shutters or to front doors can really help bring together the whole look into something that will really catch the eyes of your neighbors.


A Classic Look For Any Style Of Home

Painting a wooden railing black or adding a rich black paint color to the trim on your home makes an impactful, memorable statement to anyone who may pass by your house. Black wooden railings give a modern twist to an old classic and they make any house stand out in a good way. In the world of exterior design there are good ways for a homeowner to express themselves as well as bad ways. Black railings are an excellent choice for dignified, powerful self-expression. They’re perfectly suited for the 21st century while still maintaining classical charm. Choosing a black paint color to coat your wooden railing will make your house stand out in a sea of homes that all look the same. It’s a choice you’ll be proud of for a very long time. Click the link below for our 2018 Color Of The Year, Black Magic.

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