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Transform Your Space in Three Steps With A Striped Accent Wall

How a small paint accent can add big personality

If you’re looking for a simple DIY project that really delivers the drama, follow these simple steps to create a patterned wall. For this project we used the 2018 Color Of The Year, Black Magic.
Play with color, texture and scale in planning your design. Think about the contrast you want between the wall color and the design. Consider using different paint finishes for a pop of texture. And scale your design up for a bold statement or down for a more subtle feel. 
Pattern is where it all comes together. Precut stencils give you a wealth of options, but you can also create your own wall design using painter’s tape. Think simple shapes with defined edges: triangles, chevron, diamonds, squares or rectangles. 
We used a herringbone diagonal design to energize an office entryway. To add an extra pop, we scaled up the design and rendered it in high contrast in semi-gloss Black Magic and Delicate White
Here is how to bring your design to life with the help of painter’s tape:
Herringbone Accent Wall - Step 1: Use a level, ruler and pencil to draw your design, and then outline it in painter’s tape. (Note: If you’re painting the wall a base color first, allow time for it to dry thoroughly before you start.)

Herringbone Accent Wall - Step 2: Begin painting. Don’t worry about painting OVER some of the tape; any excess will peel off when the tape is removed. 


Continue painting evenly over all of the tape within, keeping careful not to get paint over the edges of the outside lines.

Herringbone Accent Wall - Step 3: Wait overnight to allow the pattern to dry completely. Then, voilà! Peel the painter’s tape off — slowly — to reveal your design work.

Enjoy and get ready for the compliments!  To see the color used in this striped accent wall project - our 2018 Color Of The Year, click below.

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