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Magnolia Colors Of Paint

Soft shades of paint that are perfect for your rustic farmhouse or suburban oasis

Pinkish-white and delicate, just like their namesake, magnolia colors of paint have the power to transform bedrooms and bathrooms into interior design delights. Light-pink, white, and yellow hues of paint reminiscent of magnolia colors do more than brighten those rooms. They add softness with an old-fashioned, rustic charm and a modern-day appeal. They also create a relaxing and upbeat ambiance, and their effects last beyond the bloom season of the magnolia blossom.

Magnolia colors of paint work well in several decorating design styles, including contemporary, cottage, country and rustic, whether they are applied in a rustic rural farmhouse, suburban home or urban apartment. Magnolia colors of paint from Olympic include Magnolia Blossom and Magnolia Spray. Four additional subdued pink paints that echo magnolia flower colors are Floral Linen, Pink Chablis, Pink Sangria and Lotus Petal. All of these beautiful shades of pink and white would look great in a relaxing bedroom - or in a bathroom oasis.
Magnolia Paint Colors

Magnolia Blossom Paint Color

Although it is a very light color, Magnolia Blossom features enough pink to provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere in bedrooms and bathrooms. Its open nature is soothing and reminiscent of springtime. Magnolia Blossom is in the yellow family of colors because it has a slight yellowish tint mixed with its pink. The combination of pink and yellow allows it to blend with many other paint colors. It also complements, or highlights, a variety of hues, including silvery off-whites, medium browns and deeper browns. Other colors it sets off include pinks that are darker than it is, bright white, grays, black and pastel blues. Magnolia Blossom paint color produces its warm, welcoming and soothing effect however widely it is used in a bedroom or bathroom. It can be only an accent color, covering woodwork trim or small decorations situated among hues that are lighter or darker than it is. When it covers more surface area, such as cabinets, its effect increases. Magnolia Blossom paint color's effect is greatest when it is on the room's walls. Because the paint is so light in color, it has an additional benefit when it covers a small room's walls: It makes the room appear larger than it is. When Magnolia Blossom is on the walls of a larger room, it maintains the room's airy space. Magnolia Blossom is great for use in bathrooms, delicately luxurious bedrooms, or in modern kitchens.

Magnolia Blossom Kitchen

Magnolia Spray Paint Color

Slightly deeper in color, Magnolia Spray paint color has more pink to offer and is still a light shade. It gives a comforting ambiance to bedrooms and bathrooms. Displaying a bit of brilliant yellow alongside it's pink, Magnolia Spray paint color most definitely belongs to the yellow group of Olympic colors. Its dual tones of yellowish and pink make it the complementary color of many hues. They include dark beige, pinkish off-white, bright white and medium yellow. It also pairs well with any shade of brown, light and dark grays, black, off-whites and light blues. Magnolia Spray enlivens walls, cabinetry and accent pieces in bedrooms and bathrooms of any size. While it is light enough to help small bedrooms and bathrooms seem bigger, it is colorful enough to enhance the palettes of larger bedrooms and bathrooms. Magnolia Spray paint color is ideal for use in a young girl's bedroom that is looking for both delicateness as well as a punch of brightness.

A Girl's Bedroom In Magnolia Spray

More Soft Pink Magnolia Colors

Floral Linen, Pink ChablisPink Sangria and Lotus Petal are four beautiful magnolia colors of paint that reflect the look of a magnolia blossom as well. They are still light but these colors provide a deeper tone of pink. Each of them is in the red color family. Floral Linen is a pink with a hint of purple. Its complementary colors include grayish off-whites, light browns and pinks of medium and dark intensity. Pink Chablis is also a pink with a purple tint. It highlights off-whites that are a bit gray, light browns, pinks that are lighter than it is and reddish pinks of medium intensity. Pink Sangria presents a richer shade of pink than Floral Linen or Pink Chablis. Among Pink Sangria's complementary hues are grayish off-whites, light browns, deep pinkish reds and pinks that are lighter and slightly more purple than it is. In addition to being a shade of the lotus flower, Lotus Petal is a paint with magnolia colors. Classified as an off-white, it has a pink tint with a touch of purple. The hue highlights bright white and light browns. The Lotus Petal, Floral Linen, Pink Chablis and Pink Sangria magnolia colors of paint can cover the walls, cabinetry or accent elements of bedrooms and bathrooms that are any size. 

Soft and comforting, magnolia colors of paint give bedrooms and bathrooms the warmth of a bygone era and a modern coziness. The pastel pinks based on magnolia flowers are perfect for creating a calm and optimistic atmosphere in the rooms. Consider painting with Magnolia Blossom, Magnolia Spray, Floral Linen, Pink Chablis, Pink Sangria and Lotus Petal to achieve a rustic but gentle look with contemporary refinement for your home.


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