Dare to Compare

Olympic RESCUE IT!

Olympic® RESCUE IT! provides as much as twice the coverage as a competitive brand and costs 30% less per project.


Olympic Rescue It!

Competitive Brand

1 Gallon Covers

50 sq. ft. in 2 coats

25 - 30 sq. ft. in 2 coats

Price Per Square Feet

$0.70 $1.00*
*25 sq. ft. was used to calculate cost
Olympic Rescue It

Olympic Rescue It!

The Competitive Brand

The Competitive Brand

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The Olympic Advantage:

  • Easier to apply
  • Beautiful finish and barefoot friendly
  • Optimal thickness for long-term durability and waterproofing protection
    • Fills cracks up to ¼″ and locks down splinters
    • Creates mildew resistant coating

Don't replace it. Rescue it.