Olympic® Waterguard® Wood Tinted Waterproofing Sealant

Olympic® Waterguard® Wood Tinted Waterproofing Sealant



  • Four-way wood protection
  • Repels water
  • Provides Sunblock® U.V. protection
  • Provides a mildew resistant coating
  • Protects with linseed oil
  • Easy water clean-up
  • New 2.5 gallon size
  • Color: HoneyGold

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Where to Use

Use on any properly prepared exterior wood, including decks, fences, siding, railings, outdoor furniture and other wood surfaces. May be used on new, dry, pressure-treated wood, uncoated new or weathered wood, or previously coated wood with a weathered, clear sealant or semi-transparent stain.


Approximate Gallon Coverage: 250 to 350 sq. feet (23.2 to 32.5 sq. meters) depending on application, wood texture and porosity.

Area Preparation: Previous coatings, dirt and debris, mildew and other contaminants must be completely removed from the surface. Clean weathered, dirty or mildewed surfaces with OLYMPIC® Premium Deck Cleaner. After rinsing, ensure the surface is free of standing water.

Application: Test on a small area to ensure acceptable appearance and penetration. Apply one thin coat with a high quality brush, paint/stain pad or by spray equipment. When spraying, always back-brush for best results.

Application Temperature: Can be applied down to 35°F.

Drying Time: Normally dries in 24 hours when applied at 50°F (10°C) to 85°F (29°C).

Cleanup: Clean brushes and tools with warm, soapy water.


Limited Warranty. Performance satisfaction guaranteed.

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