Olympic® Premium Fast Dry Varnish

Olympic® Premium Fast Dry Varnish


  • This fast-drying alkyd varnish is designed to deliver a beautiful, clear finish for exceptional durability and abrasion resistance
  • Oil-based professional formula dries quickly to the touch
  • Can be recoated in as little as three hours
  • Provides extra durability and abrasion resistance
  • Use with Olympic Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain for same-day wood finishing
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Where to Use

For use on cabinets, paneling, trim, doors and woodworking.


Approximate Gallon Coverage: 500 sq. feet per gallon on smooth surfaces.

Area Preparation: N/A

Application: Apply with a high-quality brush, pad or spray equipment. Stir thoroughly before use, but do not shake. For new surfaces, apply one or more coats as necessary for adequate protection. For refinishing projects, spot coat worn areas and finish with one or two complete finish coats. For best results, allow a minimum of three hours drying time between coats. To ensure a smooth finish, lightly sand the surface with 200-grit or finer sandpaper or OOO steel wool prior to applying the next coat. Clean the sanding dust from the surface using a tack cloth or vacuum cleaner.

Application Temperature: N/A

Drying Time: Allow eight to 24 hours before general use.

Recoating Time: Allow a minimum of three hours drying time before recoating.

Cleanup: Mineral spirits or paint thinner.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Product Code Finish English French Spanish
43887Clear Satin TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
43888Clear Gloss TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
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