Olympic® Premium Oil Polyurethane

Olympic® Premium Oil Polyurethane


  • This oil-based polyurethane imparts a warm golden tone that enhances wood’s natural beauty. Its unique Smooth Flow™ Formula makes it easier to achieve a smooth, exceptionally durable finish
  • Smooth, even application
  • Extra-hard finish that resists scuffing, chipping, abrasion, water, alcohol, household chemicals and stains
  • Can be applied over stained, painted and sealed or bare wood of all types
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Where to Use

For use on furniture, tabletops, counter tops, doors, floors and other high-use surfaces.


Approximate Gallon Coverage: 600 sq. feet per gallon.

Area Preparation: N/A

Application: Apply with a quality natural bristle brush or foam applicator. Never shake the can. Slowly work the finish into the wood with light, even strokes. The last stroke should be at a 45° angle with the brush and run the entire length of the work surface. This will remove any bubbles that may be trapped in the finish.

Application Temperature: N/A

Drying Time: Allow 24 hours before general use and 72 hours for flooring.

Recoating Time: After eight hours.

Cleanup: Mineral spirits or paint thinner.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Product Code Finish English French Spanish
43884Clear Gloss TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
43886Clear Satin TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
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