Olympic® WaterGuard® Multi-Surface Waterproofing Sealant

Olympic® WaterGuard® Multi-Surface Waterproofing Sealant



  • Penetrates and protects against water damage
  • Creates a mildew-resistant coating
  • Seals out water to reduce cracking and spalling caused by freeze-thaw cycling
  • New 2.5 gallon size

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Where to Use

Use on exterior steps, sidewalks, patios, driveways, decks, brick fascia and more. Excellent on concrete, brick, stucco and wood. Not recommended for recently painted or stained surfaces.


Approximate Gallon Coverage: 250 to 350 sq. feet (23.2 to 32.5 sq. meters) depending on surface texture and porosity.

Area Preparation: Coatings and contaminants must be completely removed from surface. Clean with the appropriate Olympic® cleaner prior to applying product.

Application: Test a small area to ensure acceptable appearance and penetration. Apply one thin coat with a high-quality brush, roller or paint pad or by spray equipment. When spraying or rolling, always back brush for best results.

Application Temperature: Can be applied down to 50°F.

Drying Time: Normally dries in 24 hours when applied at 50°F to 85°F.

Cleanup: Clean brushes and tools with soap and water.


One-year limited warranty.

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