Olympic® Gel Stain

Olympic® Gel Stain


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Where to Use

Ideal for use on doors, furniture, and trim, and interior cabinets, paneling, and floors


Approximate Gallon Coverage: Approximately 200 to 400 sq. ft. (18.6 to 37.2 sq.meters) per quart (945 mL). Coverage will vary with wood type,porosity, preparation and application.

Area Preparation: N/A

Application: OLYMPIC Premium Gel Stain can be applied with a rag or brush. For wood or textured surfaces, the stain is wiped or brushed on and gently rubbed into the grain. The excess should be wiped off with a rag. For metal or other substrates, a graining tool can be used. To increase color intensity, allow the stain to dry for 5 hours,then apply a second coat. OLYMPIC Premium Oil Based Gel Stain must be topcoated for exterior applications and may be topcoated for interior applications.

Application Temperature: N/A

Drying Time: Dry times are affected by humidity, temperature, film build, and moisture content of the wood. To test for dryness, lightly rub with a white cloth. If the cloth picks up color, wait for at least one hour and retest. Allow the stain to dry for 5 hours when applying a second coat.

Recoating Time: Topcoat/Recoat application: After 5 hours

Cleanup: Clean up with mineral spirits or paint thinner.


Satisfaction guaranteed.

Product Code Finish English French Spanish
41600Tinting Base TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
41601Aged Maple TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
41602Antique Cherry TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
41603Colonial Oak TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
41607Traditional Mahogany TDS/MSDS MSDS MSDS
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