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You Won't Believe How Easy it is to Choose Your Color!

Make the right choice when the final decision comes

All of your color research comes down to one final decision. Don't worry! We've made our color library friendlier and easier to use than ever. Plus, our color visualizer tool allows you to digitally paint your space in seconds. So compare colors, visualize samples and ultimately gain confidence in your final color choice. Making a decision that will leave you happy is easier than ever. 

Do your homework

A beautiful finished product starts with you

It would be nice if beautifiul walls painted themselves and the perfect color palettes organized themselves, but unfortunately that's not the case. A little research goes a long way though, and luckily, you have more color tools than ever before to help you. Do a little digging to learn about colors, options, new tools and trends. 

Find your inspiration

Your favorite colors are all around you

The best moments of inspiration usually come when you least expect it. Your ideal colors may come the same way. Open your eyes and pay close attention to the colors in your life. You may find the perfect examples for the colors to go in your next project. You can also use our Inspiration Guides.

Use the right tools

Technology can guide your color journey

Years ago, the painters interested in DIY projects had to compare colors with nothing but samples and intuition. Those are certainly brilliant tools, but the current painter has a new set of incredible tools that can help him or her choose the perfect color before ever touching a brush. Digital Color Visualizers paint your room in seconds and allow you see every one of your favorite colors they way they'll live in your room. 


The best way to pick your color is to not wait

Indecision shouldn't prolong your color picking process. Start looking now! It's never been easier to find new colors, compare them against other shades and share those colors with your friends. Pick out the ones you like from our color library and get second, third and fourth opinions on them. There's no better time to start picking the perfect color than right now. 

Picking your color can be a fun, collaborative process if you go about it the right way. Invite your friends to be a part of the process and you may be surprised at what you find. Your favorite color (or a totally unexpected surprise) may be a click away. 
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