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Living Room Color Schemes

Color inspiration for the busiest room in the home

The living room is one of the busiest and most viewed rooms in the home. It's usually the first room people see when they come in, where guests are entertained, and where people like to relax and unwind. Colors play into moods and emotions quite a bit, so in order to make a living room feel inviting and comfortable, the right living room color scheme is a necessity for your living room. Fortunately, there are many colors for living rooms that you can choose from.

Living Room Colors - White and Gray for a Contemporary Look

Using white and gray in your living room colors can give your room a modern, contemporary feel. These clean, fresh shades of pale gray and crisp white can evoke order while still being stylish. If you are concerned about your living room being too sterile or cold-feeling by using white and gray, you can soften the effect with wood accents, throw pillows, and bringing in elements of nature. Pale gray walls with white trim and white curtains can be especially soothing, whereas crisp white walls with shades of charcoal and silver can be modern and cool.

Living Room Colors

Living Room Colors - Classic Coastal Colors

When you want to evoke a calming feeling that is welcoming and relaxing, think about using colors found in water and in coastal areas. Pale blue or light sand makes a lovely wall color with crisp white, shades of gray or aqua, and darker blue-gray tones can add accent tones. Darker wood furniture and floors make a beautiful contrast, while light wood and weathered wood furniture or floors can harmonize with the colors. Continue the color scheme with furniture upholstery and curtains in different shades and patterns of the coastal colors with a natural fiber rug to tie the room together.

Living Room Colors - Bring Nature Inside with Green and Brown

Green is a very soothing color, and using shades of greens and browns for your living room colors can make a room warm, inviting, and welcoming. Think of using colors you see strolling along a path through the forest to inspire your color scheme. The shades of moss green, the color of fresh pale leaves, and the dark green of pine needles are all lovely, in addition to the woodsy tones of deep brown and cream. If you are concerned that shades of greens and browns would make a room look smaller or dark, try using cream or pale green on the walls with dark wood floors or a rich brown sofa.

Living Room Colors

Living Room Colors - Add Sophistication with Purple

Whether you are feeling bold or subtle when looking at possible colors for your living room, consider using purple as a main color. From the palest lilac to a deep, dramatic indigo, purple is very versatile. Whether you want a casual living room, dramatic, sophisticated, or modern, purple is a great living room color option. Shades of purple work the best with blues, grays, black, and white living room colors. Pairing a pale purple shade on the wall with a deep midnight blue accent can be gorgeous, while dark purple wall colors look better with bright white and pale gray for the sophisticated look.

Choosing the right colors for living rooms can be difficult, but there are plenty of resources to help you decide what will work best in your home. Once you determine what kind of feeling you want to have in your living room, selecting the colors and accents to bring about that mood and feeling will be easy. 

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