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Living Room Idea - Great Living Room Color Schemes

Set the tone for your entire home with these living room ideas

Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are the personality of a home. These spaces can often speak volumes about their inhabitants. Conveying the right mood begins with the right harmonies.


These whites have a hint of color; ideal for evenings when living rooms are most commonly used.


Soft neutrals, blues, and greens are the most popular color choices for living rooms.

Midtones and darks

Fresh or mellow, moody or natural, these midtones and darks can be readily used to set the stage for a variety of styles.

Living Room Ideas - Create A Comfortable Living Room

Stealing from nature, this deep ocean blue living room color paired with soft pastels and natural elements creates a relaxed, inviting ambiance.

Living Room Ideas - Create A Sophisticated Living Room

Adding a punch of vibrant color brings a contemporary feel to a sophisticated style.

Living Room Ideas - Create A Casual Living Room

Working two shades of the same living room paint color with pale neutrals and whites creates easy-going charm.

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