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Bathroom Paint Color Schemes

Create your most refreshing atmosphere

Bathrooms are quickly becoming lounging and pampering zones. Bright and fresh harmonies continue to dominate while nature-inspired hues create a spa-like feel.

Light Bathroom Colors


Crisp, clean whites look best with lots of natural light.


These delicate hues create a softened look and are complementary to all skin types. For some great small bathroom ideas use light hues to add space.

Dark And Midtone Bathroom Colors

Midtones and darks

Select midtones or darks for a more dramatic atmosphere.

Relaxing And Peaceful Bathroom Color Schemes

Create your airy bathroom

Breezy, atmosphere harmonies are refreshing and uplifting

Create your tranquil bathroom

Combinations of gray pebbles and woodsy browns create the most restful, calming environments.

Create your charming bathroom

Soft and tender hues combined with strong, stark ones create a charismatic space.

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