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Small Bathroom Ideas - The Colors Of Comfort

When it comes to finding the right bathroom colors you have come to the right place!

It's been a long time since the bathroom was simply utilitarian. Now, it is a place of comfort and peace as well as privacy. To that end, homeowners take as much care to decorate their bathroom as they do any other room in the home. Because bathrooms tend to be small, their color schemes are important. They not only set the mood, but say much about the homeowner and the home. Here are some great bathroom ideas for choosing the right color to maximize your space.
Small Bathroom Ideas - Bathe In Blue
The bathroom is a place where water runs, and blue is the color associated with water. Arriving in many shades from nearly white to nearly black, to sky blue, turquoise, aquamarine and periwinkle it is difficult to put too much blue in a bathroom. However, it is a good idea to contrast it with other colors. The effect of blue is to make a bather feel like the bathroom is a place to come and be washed clean. It is one of the best colors to encourage lingering in a warm bath, like Olympic's Xavier Blue
Small Bathroom Ideas - Get Green
Muted tones of green are a good choice for a bathroom. Green can give the user the feeling that they are lingering in a cool, mossy forest on an otherwise hot day. Bright green recalls a lawn on a sunny day, or new leaves on trees. It gives the user the feeling that they are being embraced by nature even in a small room.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Peaceful White
Like blue, a bathroom can’t be too white, but there should be different shades of white and one or two pops of a bright color to keep the room from looking antiseptic. But white gives the user a feeling of cleanliness and purity, especially if the bathroom is, indeed, kept perfectly clean. This effect is enhanced in a bathroom that's full of natural light that comes in through the windows or through a skylight.

Small Bathroom Ideas - Grey Is Great
Gray doesn’t have to be gloomy, and like white it can come in many shades. A gray bathroom color can make the user contemplative, and it is a good color for a user who likes to take long soaks in the tub.

 Small Bathroom Ideas - Red Can Be Your Friend
Red paint colors can work in a very small and formal powder room. The excitement that is produced by red can be mellowed somewhat by fixtures that call to mind a certain level of elegance and sophistication. A red-painted powder room, with a shade like Burning Bush, can make the visitor think they are in a very classy home indeed.
Small Bathroom Ideas - Golden Serenity
Gold is not the same as yellow and gives the user a feeling of both luxury and serenity. The walls and ceilings can be painted an antique gold like Brass Mesh, and gold can be the color on floor tiles, wall tiles and marble or engineered quartz vanity tops.

 Small Bathroom Ideas - Au Natural
A bathroom painted and decorated in shades or brown can give the space a rustic feel. Reminding people of wood, stone and soil, this color scheme connects the user with nature, but is a bit tougher than the natural feel of a green bathroom.
Small Bathroom Ideas - Pretty Pink
It’s 2017, pink isn’t just for girls anymore. While pink should not be overwhelming, a pink bathroom paint color can be liberating and fresh for any bathroom-goer. In a time of groundbreaking interior design, let pink paint colors bring your home deep into the 21st century.

With such a variety of bathroom colors to choose from, a homeowner can let their imagination take over when it comes to decorating their bathroom and coming up with great bathroom ideas. Since a lot of homeowners can afford to splurge a bit on their bathroom, these colors can go with luxurious materials such as marble, crystal and even gold plate.


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