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12 White Paint Colors Your Home Is Missing

You’re not using whites to their full potential

Olympic no longer sells paint - however you can find gorgeous paint colors from PPG at this link.

White represents purity or innocence, clarity, simplicity and efficiency. It creates a sense of space and sophistication, and gives a feeling of freedom and uncluttered openness. There can be just as many whites as there are reds or blues, so choose your white with care. If you are looking to hire house painters or if you live in a big city and you need to find apartment painters, these are some gorgeous white paint colors to choose.

Horseradish OL690.1

This is our most popular white because it’s so versatile. You can use it add a touch of warmth to a default white ceiling or to border a variety of other colors as trim.

Milk Paint OL731.1

This warm white is perfect for bringing softness into a space without introducing a tinted appearance.

Off White OL185

Off White is aptly named and can be used as a bridge between bright whites and deeper neutrals.

String of Pearls OL727.1

With just a bit of red added to it, this white builds warmth in darker rooms.

Heavy Cream OL731.2

Add Heavy Cream to your morning coffee by trying it as the neutral that grounds your dining room.

Queen Anne's Lace OL653.1

Try using white to bring a clean, modern feel to open spaces with plentiful natural light.

Commercial White OL108

While we think you should consider color for your ceiling, this color was created to be the no-fail ceiling color.

Icy Bay OL216

Featuring a white with a hint of blue like Icy Bay will add freshness and compliment other darker blues.

Aria OL205

Just as gentle as its namesake, this hue lightly introduces grey to a space.

Antique White OL225

Whites can be super modern, but this one is best suited for trim in traditional homes.

Atrium White OL159

Why shouldn’t your kitchen’s paint color sound as delicious as the food coming out of it?

Delicate White OL107

This cool white sits right in the middle of bright and creamy, making it safe bet for just about any space.

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