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How to Plan Your Project and Buy the Right Tools

So you’re finally ready to take on that stain project, huh? Nice. Of course, before you can start, you need the right supplies. Let’s put together a shopping list. Now, you might already have some of these materials in the garage. If not, you can pick up everything at your nearest home improvement store. Today, we’ll only cover what you absolutely need in order to do the job right.

Supplies List

  1. You’ll need a stiff broom for scrubbing and a hose for cleaning.
  2. A tarp or plastic sheeting for covering nearby plants and any areas you want to protect.
  3. A pump-style sprayer.
  4. A hammer or drill for repairing damaged boards.
  5. A pole sander or hand sander.
  6. One large bucket for intermixing containers and several stirring sticks.
  7. A roller and roller tray.
  8. Or if you prefer, a stain pad with pole.

Last but not least, brushes. For oil-based stains, use a brush with natural bristles. For acrylic oil products, use a brush with synthetic bristles. And remember—unlike paint brushes, staining brushes don’t have angled edges—which means they hold more stain than paint brushes would. However for detailed work—like staining around spindles—feel free to use an angled brush if you’re more comfortable.

And that’s your shopping list. Or, your “what do I need to dig out of my garage list.” Either way, with these supplies, you’re ready to get started.

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