Deck Ideas: Do I need to clean my deck before I stain it?


The answer is simple enough, but it really should be remembered that it's important to remove all dirt and contaminants from the surface of wood to ensure proper stain penetration and maximum durability.

Remember, you're applying something topically. If your new stain can't get full access to the surface it must protect, it can't do its job. Plus, you'll be disappointed with the end result. 

Watch this video to learn how to clean and prep your wood or deck for a fresh application of stain. 

Before Is Better 

Take the extra time before applying your fresh stain to clean your deck. It's a critical first step for a beautiful, long-lasting finish and we offer a great collection of cleaners to help you easily remove dirt, build-up, algae and mildew. Take the proper steps early in your staining project to enjoy the lasting benefits of a freshly refinished deck.

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