Paint Colors

More than 1,000 options will help you to find the perfect paint color

We have an enormous selection of beautiful paint colors that are perfect for your next project. From light pastels to dark accent notes, you can trust that Olympic® Paints and Stains has the right shade for you and your interior paint or exterior painting project. Compare options inside the same family, look up your trusted hues and save your favorite colors to your color account so they're always available. No matter what colors you choose, we make it easy to find them with our color wheel of paint families!

Neutral Paint Colors

Neutral paint colors make ideal base colors and accents for nearly every color palette. Their versatility makes them a great option for most projects. 

Neutral Paint Colors

Blue Paint Colors

Blue paint colors convey peace, tranquility, security and a sense of calm. 

Blue Paint Colors

Gray & Black Paint Colors

Gray & black paint colors create a quietly sophisticated and timeless look.

Grey & Black Paint Colors!

Green Paint Colors

Green paint colors soothe the nerves and refresh its inhabitants with a peaceful feeling.

Green Paint Colors!

Aqua Paint Colors

Aqua paint colors create a space that's perfect for creativity and relaxation.

Aqua Paint Colors!

Beige Paint Colors

Warm and earthy, beige is a dependable color that evokes a sense of comfort. Beige paint colors are natural and easy to blend in.

Beige Paint Colors

Off-White Paint Colors

White and off-white colors reflect and magnify light, adding brightness and clarity to any room.

Off-White Paint Colors!

Yellow Paint Colors

Yellow paint colors brighten any room or mood by instilling cheer and optimism. 

Yellow Paint Colors!

Red Paint Colors

Red is an emotional color that stimulates the brain, increases the heart rate and encourages action.

Red Paint Colors!

Orange Paint Colors

Orange paint colors stimulate conversation and create a fun environment around it. 

Orange Paint Colors!

Purple Paint Colors

Purple is a historically royal color, which inspires feelings of grandness, high society and even spirituality. Using a purple paint color pulls in these feelings to your room.

Purple Paint Colors!
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