STAIN that never takes a day off.

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As America’s most trusted stain, Olympic® Stains has provided exceptional protection and durability for all wood types, applications and budgets since 1938.

Exterior Stains

We offer a complete line of exterior stains and cleaning products for all wood types, applications and budgets. We also offer environmentally preferred waterborne products that adhere to the same quality standards as our traditional products.

Our Olympic ELITE Advanced Stain + Sealant in One delivers unrivaled beauty and endurance. Olympic Maximum® and Wood Protector toner, semi-transparent and solid color stains deliver waterproofing protection, beautiful results and ease of use with every brush stroke.


A clear finish that allows the wood to weather gray naturally.

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A slight hint of color that maintains the natural beauty of wood.

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A subtle color that allows the wood grain and texture to show.

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Solid Color

A rich, opaque color that allows the texture of the wood to show.

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100% acrylic formula provides a durable coating for wood and concrete splits and cracks up to ¼″ deep. Fine texture helps to hide surface imperfections.

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Surface preparation is the critical first step in achieving a beautiful, long-lasting wood finish. Our complete line of wood cleaners addresses your every need.

Interior Stains

Whether you’re a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, our array of interior stain products delivers a solution to beautify and protect your wood for all types of projects.