MAXIMUM® Stain + Sealant in One Solid Color

Stain when you want, not when the weather dictates. This solid wood stain adds rich opaque color while still allowing the texture of the wood to show. Olympic Maximum exterior wood stain allows you to clean and stain your deck in the same day, even after rain. The enhanced waterproofing wood protection can be applied in hot and cool temperatures, so you can prep your wood surface in almost any season. Bring Maximum beauty and protection to your wood surfaces.

  • Wood Stain + Sealant protects and beautifies in one step
  • Weather-ready wood stain application allows you to clean and stain on the same day in temperatures down to 35°F, application is ready for rain in 8 hours
  • Penetrating, durable Wood Stain + Sealant in One protects and beautifies in one step
  • Durable wood stain formula features advanced SunBlock UV defense, exclusive SCUFF GUARD technology and enhanced waterproofing protection
  • Mildew and mold-resistant wood stain coating protects the surface from moisture and water damage
  • 10-year protection on decks and 25-year on fences and siding to give you peace of mind that your wood surface stays protected and beautiful after staining
  • For more information on how to use this solid wood stain check out this How To Stain A Deck guide.
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Product Features

Stain in 4 Easy Steps

Wood Stain Transparency Guide


One gallon covers 350 to 500 sq. feet or 32.5 to 46.5 sq. meters depending on wood texture and porosity.

Application Details

Test a small area to ensure acceptable appearance and penetration. Apply two coats of this wood stain with a high-quality brush, roller or paint pad or by spray equipment. When spraying or rolling, always back brush for best results. Some colors or drastic color changes may require an additional coat to achieve a uniform finish. Can be applied down to 35°F. For more information on how to use this project check out our How To Stain Wood guide.

Drying Time

Normally dries in 30 minutes when applied at 50°F to 85°F. Allow 24 to 48 hours of dry time before light foot traffic.


Clean brushes and tools with mineral spirits for <600 g/L VOC version and with soap and water for <100 g/L VOC version.

Product Warning

Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.

Code Base Sizes Download
79601A Stain - Tint Base 5 Gallons/18.9 L (05), Gallon/3.78 L (01)
79602A Stain - Tint Base Gallon/3.78 L (01), 5 Gallons/18.9 L (05)
79603A Stain - Custom Color Gallon/3.78 L (01)
79606A Stain - Custom Color Gallon/3.78 L (01)
79611A Stain - Tint Base Quart/946 mL (04)
79612A Stain - Tint Base Quart/946 mL (04)
79614A Stain - Custom Color Gallon/3.78 L (01)