OLYMPIC® Premium Stain Stripper

A premium stripper that will remove all latex and oil-based deck coatings, including semi-transparent and solid color stains, varnishes, polyurethanes and water sealants.

  • Ready to use stain stripper
  • Removes oil-based and water-based coatings — no separate cleaner required
  • Removes stains from mold, mildew and water
  • Great for restoring the original color
  • Simply brush on, let sit for 30 minutes, then rinse off
  • Much safer to use than traditional stripper
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Stain in 4 Easy Steps

Wood Stain Transparency Guide

Area Preparation

Spray all plants and vegetation liberally with water before and after application. Cover delicate vegetation to avoid damage.

WARNING! If you scrape, sand, or remove old paint, you may release lead dust or fumes. LEAD IS TOXIC. EXPOSURE TO LEAD DUST OR FUMES CAN CAUSE SERIOUS ILLNESS, SUCH AS BRAIN DAMAGE, ESPECIALLY IN CHILDREN. PREGNANT WOMEN SHOULD ALSO AVOID EXPOSURE. Wear a properly fitted NIOSH-approved respirator and prevent skin contact to control lead exposure. Clean up carefully with a HEPA vacuum and a wet mop. Before you start, find out how to protect yourself and your family by contacting USEPA National Lead Information Hotline at 1-800-424-LEAD or log on to www.epa.gov/lead. Follow these instructions to control exposure to other hazardous substances that may be released during surface preparation.

Application Details

Test a small, inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure acceptable appearance. Apply liberally with a nylon brush or roller. Do not allow the stripper to come into contact with bare metal or surfaces that are to remain coated. Do not allow the stripper to dry. If drying occurs, mist with water and reapply stripper. Wait five to 45 minutes for the stripper to soften or dissolve the coating. Coating will easily rinse off when ready. Scrub areas where needed with a stiff bristle brush. Work in the direction of the wood grain to minimize grain raising. Rinse wood thoroughly with water from a garden hose or a power washer at a setting of 500 to 1,200 psi to eliminate scrubbing. Do not allow the stripper to dry. If drying occurs, mist with water and reapply stripper.


One gallon covers approximately 50 to 150 sq. feet or 4.6 to 13.9 sq. meters depending upon wood texture.


Clean brushes and equipment immediately with soap and water.

Product Warning

Please refer to the Product Label, Technical Data Sheet (TDS) or Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for safety and detailed application instructions.

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