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How to Clean and Maintain Your Deck

In addition to cleaning and maintaining your deck, there are many simple practices that you’ll want to be in the habit of doing every spring and fall. Hey, you want to show off your handiwork year after year, right?

Sweep the Deck

This first tip is an easy one: sweep the deck. Leaves and debris from the yard can be like those guests at the end of a party—they just won’t go away on their own. And when leaves remain on the deck over time, they can stain the wood.

Remove Debris

A couple times a year, you’ll also want to tackle the things that a broom might miss. Look to see if any sticks or acorns are stuck between the boards—left unchecked, one pesky acorn can cause rot and decay. Think of it as flossing for your deck.

Check Underneath

Of course, not everything that can damage your deck comes from above. If your deck is built over ground rather than a concrete patio, make sure nothing is growing from underneath. Because when it comes to uninvited guests, a tree that’s growing beneath your deck is among the most difficult to deal with.

Assess Your Deck

Next on the list is some routine maintenance. Every spring and fall, assess the condition of your deck. Are there any damaged boards? How about the steps—are the risers and treads intact? Railings and posts doing their job? Good.

Clean Regularly

Assuming everything passes the test, wash your deck with a mild cleaner twice a year. This’ll prevent mildew from building up and making your deck slippery in wet weather. Olympic Premium Deck Brightener & Wash will do the trick. In fact, it’ll remove four times more dirt than hose water alone.

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