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How To Clean Your Deck

Frequently asked questions regarding how to clean and maintain a deck

When it comes to cleaning decks and patios, many people come to us looking for honest, trustworthy advice. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from people who are looking to take care of their wood so that it will last for years to come. 

Q: How often should I clean my deck?
A: For best performance, deck longevity, and visual appeal, we recommend cleaning your deck at least once a year in the springtime.  To get a deep clean and avoid damage, use a cleaner such as Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner, making sure to follow the directions on the container. 


Q: My deck is very slippery, what can I do? 
A: There are few couple reasons why your deck is slippery. If your deck is slippery when wet because of growth, use a specially formulated deck cleaner like Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner. If the coating on your deck is causing slipperiness, you may need to strip the coating and reapply. To remove the coating, use Olympic Premium Deck Stripper. Take extra precaution to avoid slipping when treating your slippery deck.


Q: Can bleaching your deck harm the wood?   
A: Yes, it can damage the lignin within the wood – a substance in the wood’s cells that makes it stiff. Instead you should use a specially formulated premium deck cleaner to make sure you deck remains cleaner longer.


Q: How can I get rid of moss on my deck?
A: Scrape the deck with a floor scraper that you can find at any hardware store, then sweep the deck with a stiff-bristle push-broom, removing as much dirt and moss as possible. Next, wash the deck thoroughly using Olympic Premium Deck Cleaner, scrubbing with a stiff bristle brush. To finish, rinse with a pressure washer set on low or use a garden hose to spray away the loose material.

We hope these answers can help you clean your deck or patio. If you have any additional questions, please contact us or read through our other wood stain guides here at Olympic.Com

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