The Best 4 Grey Stain Colors for Your Deck

Give your deck a touch of class with these great greys

The Best 4 Grey Stain Colors for Your Deck

Q: What are the Best Grey Stain Colors for My Deck?

A: Grey wood stain colors are getting super popular with homeowners because they can give a classic, weathered look to newer wood as well as a modern flair to an older deck. Whether you are a new homeowner looking for a fresh look, or a seasoned professional trying to give an older home a brand new appearance, gray wood stain colors are a great choice. Here's a countdown of the top 4 grey stain colors for refreshing your exterior space.

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No. 4: Cape Cod Gray

Cape Cod Gray is a gray wood stain color that gives a nice bright pop to exterior wood structures.

If you want to help your deck feel fresh and exciting, go for a light grey wood stain color like Cape Cod Gray.

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- No. 3: Dark Ash
- No. 3: Dark Ash

No. 3: Dark Ash

Want to make an older deck look stylish again? You’re in luck if you go with this beautiful grey-tan wood stain color. 

Dark Ash is a semi-transparent stain that really shines on older decks, making them feel more modern. 

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No. 2: Drift

If you’re more of a millennial homeowner you might want something a little more spunky like Drift

For a modern feel with a touch of classic charm that works almost anywhere, choose a great grey stain color like Drift for your next deck project.

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- No.1: Storm Gray
- No.1: Storm Gray

No.1: Storm Gray

Our number one grey wood stain color is Storm Gray. With subtle hues that give off an air of modernity as well as classic style, this gray wood stain color can make almost any deck shine.

If you choose a color like Storm Gray, you’re sure to get a beautiful finish that will make your home’s exterior space feel both welcoming and exciting.

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