What Is A Pergola?

Pergolas can turn your exterior space from boring to brilliant

Q: What Is A Pergola?

A: A pergola is an upright wood garden structure that can stand tall above a patio or walkway and, much like a trellis, allows vines or ornamental plants to grow up its sides or along the beams at its top. By choosing a great wood stain color for your pergola it can be designed to fit in just about anywhere. Explore these wood stain color options for a pergola that will enhance the beauty of your home.

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Great Pergola Colors - Black Oak
Great Pergola Colors - Black Oak

Black Oak on Cedar

Great Pergola Colors

Black Oak

Pergolas are typically used to create shaded walkways and sitting areas, but can also be used for many other purposes. This makes their applications more diverse than a typical patio structure.

You could go the contrast route by pairing a dark stain like Black Oak with bright-colored plants, or vice versa. If you have solid-colored outdoor furniture, you could find a pergola to match your set as well, then train plants of a complementary color. 

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If your garden has an entryway, use a pergola as a canopy to make the pathway to your garden more organic and natural-looking. 

To enhance the pergola's natural cooling ability, try staining one in a light color such as Chamois to reflect the sunlight away. 

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Great Pergola Colors - Woodland Green
Great Pergola Colors - Woodland Green

Woodland Green on Redwood

Great Pergola Colors

Woodland Green

Try putting a pergola in place of a patio awning or in front of a sunny bedroom window. Not only will it look classy, it will also smell fantastic, depending on what flowers you decide to grow. 

Your pergola doesn't have to be white, either – you could also opt for a pastel color like Woodland Green to blend in with your foliage a bit more. 

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Rustic Cedar

A pergola built outside of your kitchen can grow grapes, tomatoes, and other vine-based vegetables, and your herb garden can be underneath the pergola's shade.

Opt for a natural wood color like Rustic Cedar and subdued plant colors to give the eye a break from any bright or showy flowers in your garden. 

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