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Choosing the Best Bathroom Colors

A Guide to Which Colors Work Best in the Bathroom

Redecorating or remodeling a bathroom leaves you facing a huge range of decisions—from the type of flooring to deciding which fixtures and furnishings to use. However, the very first thing you'll want to think about are the bathroom colors as these will help determine what color everything else should be. To help you out, here's a short list of some of the most popular colors for bathrooms and how to use them.

Ashy Grey

A light, ash grey color can be an outstanding choice for more modern spaces and pairs perfectly with stylish marble or granite countertops. Still, it's usually a good idea to choose lighter colored wood or tiles for the floor and lighter colored countertops to keep the room from feeling too dark or gloomy. Another option is to use pure white trim or use the same white on one wall to help break up the darker grey color. Combined with sleek modern lighting and furnishings, an ash grey color ensures a bathroom full of contemporary style and charm.



This warm, rich yellow color has long been a favorite for bedrooms and kitchens, but it also makes an excellent choice. The color is sure to instantly brighten up any darker bathroom, making it feel bigger and more inviting. Goldenrod usually works best when paired with white fixtures and white trim. The contrast between the warm yellow and bright white provides a handsome touch that can make the room feel at once comfortable and serene. For an added touch, you may want to consider using brass or bronze fixtures to add an extra layer of richness and style.


Powder Blue

Whether it is used on an accent wall or you paint the entire bathroom in this color, powder blue can be a fantastic choice for anyone looking for a more traditional feel. When paired with vintage-style furnishings, this color can create a classic, serene setting that's ideal for spending hours relaxing and soaking in the bathtub surrounded by candlelight. As powder blue is slightly darker than a sky blue, you'll want to avoid using too many dark furnishings or fixtures unless you add in more white or another lighter color to balance it out. One option is to use white trim and fixtures combined with a darker grey for the countertop.


Seafoam Green

Another popular choice for bathrooms, there are some that think that seafoam green looks a bit outdated in terms of style. However, the truth is that this color can look stunning when used properly. Still, depending on the overall size of your bathroom, you may want to consider leaving one wall white or using a contrasting color to ensure the seafoam isn't too overwhelming. The soft, light green color often works best with white cabinets and fixtures, although you should consider using a slightly darker grey or beige color for the countertops to balance things out. Of all the colors on this list, seafoam green is perhaps the most versatile and can easily be used to design a bathroom that reflects either a modern or more traditional style.


Although all of the above are undoubtedly popular choices, your search for the perfect bathroom colors shouldn't be limited to just this list. In fact, depending on the particular style and feel you're going for, there could be hundreds of different colors you may want to consider. Nonetheless, each of the four colors listed above are popular for a reason as they are virtually guaranteed to ensure that your bathroom looks stylish.
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