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Top Trending Stain Colors for Outdoor Spaces

Adding colors of wood finishes to your outdoor spaces adds color to your life

The idea that only brown stains should be used to accentuate your patio or deck is a thing of the past -- green, grey, and blue (among other vibrant colors) have become popular wood stain colors. Even clear sealants can provide a unique and beautiful way to add additional pizazz to your home (while protecting your patio or deck). While brown remains one of the most popular stain colors, there are many more great wood finish colors to choose from. For example:

1. Clear On Cedar Sealant


Want to allow the beauty of your cedar patio or deck to shine through? Because of its clear finish, the Clear On Cedar sealant provides both a level of protection and the maximum amount of exposure for your wood grain while preserving its natural state.

2. Aqua Smoke Solid Stain Color


Of all the colors of wood finishes, you can't go wrong with Aqua Smoke. Providing a high degree of protection for your surface while accenting your wood's texture, this beautiful shade is both self-priming and alluring, and adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor activities.

3. Dogwood Semi-Transparent Color


Great wood finish colors provide great outdoor atmospheres for relaxing and entertaining. The subtle, yet distinctive, Dogwood semi-transparent color brings the texture of your patio or deck to the forefront while putting the grain of the wood in to the background (which is great for wood grains that may contain imperfections).

4. Mountain Pine Resurfacer Color


Want to save money on replacing a worn or weathered patio or deck while making it look stunning in the process? Then the Mountain Pine resurfacer color is the right choice for you. Its exceptional tone is fully opaque, and it's perfect for hiding surface imperfections while keeping splinters in their place -- and not in your feet.

Today, popular stain colors are both wide and varied -- popular wood stain colors are a fantastic way to provide your patio or deck with vibrancy, while protecting your woodwork from rain, snow, sleet, or shine.


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