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Wood Stain Colors In 2019

Deck stain colors making waves in 2019

It is 2019 - a year filled with change. One change you should consider this summer is refreshing with a new trendy wood stain color. When the time comes to refinish your deck or patio, you may consider reaching for the old standby brown hue that is commonly used on wood surfaces outdoors. However, there are many great wood finish colors to consider that exceed bland shades of brown. With a closer look at some of the popular stain colors available for your wood surfaces, you may be inspired to make a bold use of color in your space.

Aqua Smoke

Wood Stain Colors 2019

When it comes to muted popular wood stain colors that make a statement about your space with subtle grace, Aqua Smoke is a great option to consider. This gorgeous hue beautifully blends gray and blue together to give your space a natural yet refreshing look. This stain color is opaque, so it works well with any wood type and can help to conceal imperfections in the wood to give your patio or deck a flawless look. Pair it with cream, beige or even shades of green when selecting beautiful upholstery for your patio.


Wood Stain Colors 2019

If you are looking for classic colors of wood finishes for your deck or patio, Faulkland is a gorgeous choice. With its slightly smoky play on a classic green hue, this is an understated color that blends in well with natural spaces outdoors. You can easily complement Faulkland green with cedar wood furnishings as well as shades of yellow or blue upholstery for a more brilliant look. This is an opaque finish that goes on easy to give the impression that a professional refinished your deck or patio.

Copper Henna

Wood Stain Colors 2019

A list of popular stain colors for your outdoor spaces would not be complete without a mention of Copper Henna. This is a deep red color that has a slightly smoky hint, and the overall feel it creates is relaxing. In fact, its hue is reminiscent of a glass of fine merlot. It will look fabulous with both darker and lighter wood types, and its opacity brilliantly hides flaws in the wood. You can pair it will creams and golds when selecting upholstery for a truly elegant space that you will love. 

Carlsbad Canyon

Wood Stain Colors 2019

If you are looking for a lighter shade when selecting a hue from popular wood stain colors, Carlsbad Canyon should be at the top of your list. While this is one of the lighter opaque colors of wood finishes to consider, it still hides dirt and flaws well. It has a somewhat neutral feel that means it will look great with most upholstery color finishes that you may desire for your space. Because it is a lighter hue, it works best with lighter shades of wood.

These are only a few great wood finish colors that you can choose from. Consider finding a hue that corresponds well with the existing colors on your brick, stucco or siding and that also works great with the upholstery colors already in place on your patio

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