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How To Prep Your Deck For The Winter

Q: I just purchased a home with a deck that needs to be restained and I want to make sure it looks good come springtime. How do I prep my deck for winter?
A: You’re smart to be thinking about winter maintenance for your deck, and there are a few simple steps you can take to protect against the harsh cold and ice. Here’s our step-by-step Winter Deck Prep guide to making sure your deck looks great and stays safe all winter long:

1. Clear the deck of debris and surface dirt

The first step in winter deck prep is removing debris and surface dirt. The summer months bring a lot of debris to the surface of your deck, including stains from dirt, mold, rust and leaves. Left uncleaned, these crusty particles could end up impairing your water drainage, leading to buildup of moisture and potential mold. This step is essential to complete before the winter weather sets in, as snow accumulation or harsh temperatures will make deck cleaning much more difficult, with the melting snow then becoming a potential source of rot and mold should drainage be impaired.  

2. Use an Olympic Premium Deck Cleaning Solution

The next step in prepping your deck for winter is to thoroughly wash your deck. What you need to do for this cleaning job is a durable brush, a hose and a cleaning solution like Olympic Premium Deck Wash. Make sure not to deviate from the instructions stated on the product label, or otherwise, you might not be able to cleanse your deck of any of the remaining mold stains or dirt.

3. Check your deck for wear and tear

The final step that you should do to prep your deck for winter is to make it structurally solid and sound. Check for unruly nails, loose railings or boards that are cracked. You should also check your deck for signs of warping or rotting. It may also be a good idea to inspect the deck for deeply ingrained split wood. If you don't address such issues, they will worsen with time and under the strain of winter, so it's better to catch them early before they complicate. Correcting these issues becomes harder over the winter months, so it’s best to make this a part of your pre-winter prep.
After ensuring that your deck is in top foundational shape, congratulate yourself! You've successfully safeguarded your deck against the winter months. All that's left to do now is to wait for the warmer season to return, inviting you back out to a deck that, with your hard work, may still look brand new. 

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