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Popular Deck Stain Colors

Four Great Deck Stain Color Choices

Decks see a lot of use, especially when the weather is nice. Foot traffic plus the general wear from the outdoor elements adds up, and decks often need to be re-stained every two or three years. This gives homeowners the chance to add some variety to their backyards or freshen up an existing look that complements the house and yard. A quick visit to the hardware store can be overwhelming when faced with all of the different colors of wood stain. By first identifying the major color in a backyard, most often the house color, homeowners can begin to narrow down deck stain colors by looking at complementary colors on the color wheel. Also, keep in mind the type, age and natural color of the deck wood. Four popular color examples follow.

Mountain Cedar

This light brown hue is part of the Woodland Oil collection, a group of wood stain colors that are oil-based with just a touch of natural color. These stains are designed to emphasize the original color of the deck wood and contribute a little extra pigment to highlight the natural tones. This stain seeps deep into the wood offering extra protection against the weather and help keep the wood strong. Mountain Cedar is light enough to add contrast to any dark-colored house and provides a warm, comfortable atmosphere when entertaining.


Cape Cod Gray

This light gray color works very well with white, blue or tan houses. This color belongs to a group of wood stains that only mask some of the wood color while highlighting the natural hue. These stain colors are subtle but emphasize the pattern of the grain of the wood adding character while not losing the original feel. Cape Cod Gray and other similar colors of wood stain are subtly reminiscent of houses near the ocean and work well on large decks. This results in a classic-looking addition to the house.



Blue hues add a modern look to any deck, especially this deep, classic shade. These solid shade wood stains completely cover the original color of the wood but highlight the natural texture. Using these deck stain colors also protects the deck wood by adding an extra full layer between the wood and the outdoor elements. Amsterdam pairs perfectly with light brown or gray houses and looks great with white railings for contrast. Blue stain colors promote an atmosphere of serenity and contentedness.


Mystic White

This color combines a polished, fresh style with older wood resulting in a traditional weathered look, and the whitish hue complements most other house colors. This is one of the wood stain colors in the Olympic Deck Restoration collection that is specifically designed to add a heavy-duty extra layer to the deck surface to help refresh an old, worn deck. This stain is thick enough to fill small cracks and smooths out the surface of the wood making splinters no longer an issue. The gray-white color allows the dirt and dust from outside to blend in so that the deck never looks dirty and is a great accent to a bold house color.

Whether staining a deck for the first time or re-staining after a few years, this process is not complicated, but it does require a few preparation steps including chemical cleaning, rinsing and sanding. Before purchasing the stain, homeowners need to identify the type and age of deck wood. This determination guides selection of the appropriate stain color. Finally, when changing colors, a test section is always a good idea to ensure the deck color is a good fit for the home.
(Updated: 3/27/2019)

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