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How to Remove Stains From Your Deck

Remove the stains and revive your deck with a new stain color

There are few pleasures in the life as wonderful as sitting on your backyard deck. It's a place where you have the chance to create cherished memories, hold a family barbeque or hang out with friends. If you want to rejuvenate the look of your deck, consider removing the old stain and choosing a new stain color. Check out these tips and tricks to get the perfectly stained deck for your backyard haven.


1. Clean the deck thoroughly first.

Be sure to sweep the deck of all leaves, dirt and debris. You want to check the spaces in between each board, as well. Something as simple as a twig or acorn left in between the wood planks will cause your wood to erode and rot over time. It's better that you act proactively and remove all dry leaves and dirt on top of your deck, around your deck and underneath it. 

2. Use a hose and wash the deck off.

You will remove more dirt using a deck cleaner in combination with your hose than if you try to wash your deck using water alone.* As you spray the deck, work in sections. Once you've sprayed the wood, scrub with a firm-bristled broom to work off stubborn marks. Rinse the cleaner off with water.

*Follow cleaner or brightener instructions on the product label for proper use and safety.


3. After the deck has dried thoroughly, use a stain stripper.

Olympic premium stain stripper can remove nearly any stained or tarnished coating. If you're planning to change your deck stain to a much lighter color, you may need to repeat this stripping process a second time. Once you've applied the stripper, again use the firm-bristled broom and really scrub the stain off. Sand with 80-grit sandpaper to remove any lingering stain.

4. Apply your new premium-quality stain.

Choose a fun deck color like White Birch if you want a whitewashed, bright and summery look to your deck. Looking for a more regal aesthetic? Then choose a richer tone like Royal Mahogany.


Choose From A Variety of Transparencies

Choosing a top-quality stain and deck sealant will make your deck have an entirely new look. You'll get the best of both worlds, because staining your deck a new stain is like getting a new deck — but without paying the price of a new deck. You have a wide variety of great stain transparencies to choose from.

For newer wood, choose a clear, semi-transparent or transparent stain so the grain can show through. Semi-solid stains might be a better choice for a deck that has endured a great deal of weather and aging. The closer you get to using a solid stain, the more protection you will get. More protection and coverage may be needed for older, more worn-out decks.


New Stain that Protects

Staining your deck is making an investment in your home's future. When you refresh the deck's stain, it allows you to achieve a whole new aesthetic without spending much time or money. While you're getting a new-looking deck, you're also protecting it from the weather. Using a high-quality stain will give you the gift of enjoying your attractive deck for many seasons to come.

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