4 Great Wood Stain Colors

Wood stain colors you will love

Four Great Wood Stain Colors

Q: What are the Best Wood Stain Colors for My Deck?

A: Updating your deck is a wonderful wood staining project to help protect it against the elements, while adding color. The right wood stain color adds a splash of elegance to any deck and helps unify the entire look of your home. Here are 4 excellent deck stain colors that work with a wide variety of materials, as well as for many different occasions — from a casual supper to a backyard wedding.

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The warm brown tones of the solid Butternut wood stain color work well with many backyard wood decks. The rich brown is subtle, yet incredibly upscale.

Butternut works well with many other colors, adding a unified appearance to the entire house. Brown also blends in well with wood furniture, making the entire look wholly natural.

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Warm Hint of Red - Russet
Warm Hint of Red - Russet

Warm Hint of Red


Another popular wood stain color for decks is a shade known as Russet. This semi-transparent wood stain color is ideal for those who love having a warm hint of red in their deck stain color.

Russet also looks incredible as a stain color for pergolas, attracting the admiration of your family and friends.

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Trident Blue

Those who like shades of blue should consider a wood stain color such as Trident Blue. This resurfacer has many advantages. It helps fill in cracks in wood, provides a durable coating, and makes your damaged or worn deck look great! It's fully opaque, with a fine texture to help hide imperfections in the wood. 

Trident Blue works well with many kinds of deck woods, making it a highly versatile choice.

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Soothing Coolness - Dark Ash
Soothing Coolness - Dark Ash

Soothing Coolness

Dark Ash

One of the best ways to help bring in an element of soothing coolness to your deck is with the use of lighter shades of stain. Dark Ash is a semi-solid stain color that brings a deep white into any space.

If you have a deck that gets a lot of sun, Dark Ash is a great wood stain color choice as it allows you to help keep the deck cool even in hot weather. The lighter color also works to add tonal contrast between any darker wood that may be present anywhere else on the exterior of your home.

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