Exterior Stains

As America’s most trusted stain, Olympic® Stains has provided exceptional protection and durability for all wood types, applications and budgets since 1938.

Nothing protects and beautifies your wood like Olympic Exterior Stain. Trust the natural beauty of your wood to America’s most trusted stain brand since 1938.


A clear finish allows your wood to weather and gray naturally.

Clear Wood Stains


A slight hint of color maintains the natural beauty of your wood.

Toner Wood Stains

Woodland Oil®

Deep, rich, nature-inspired wood tones keep your wood naturally beautiful.

Woodland Oil Wood Stains

Semi-Transparent Wood Stains

A subtle color allows the wood grain and texture to show.

Semi-Transparent Wood Stains


Provides the same rich color as semi-transparent stain while hiding some of the wood grain.

Semi-Solid Wood Stains

Solid Color Stains

A rich, opaque color still allows the texture of the wood to show.

Solid Wood Stains
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