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Stain Colors For Yellow Houses

The best stain colors for your yellow home

Yellow is a favorite exterior paint color because it can make any house look cheerful, fresh, and welcoming. However, it can be a little tricky to find deck colors that look good with yellow. If you have a yellow house, consider trying one of these wood stain colors when you refinish your deck. 

Deep Browns

Darker browns are one of the great stain colors for a yellow house because they are so versatile. A slightly cool toned brown like Espresso can provide a little balance to a cooler shade of lemon yellow. If you have a darker yellow home that is a Tuscan or mustard yellow, a deep brown deck color creates a Mediterranean feel that makes your home look elegant and grounded. 


Medium Reds

A medium red shade like Cedar Naturaltone, is another great option when choosing deck stain colors for yellow houses. Red is a warm color just like yellow, so it complements the paint color for the house very well. Reddish deck stain colors pair well with medium, sunny shades of yellow. The overall effect of the buttery yellow house and the ruddy deck makes a home look natural and appealing. 


Earthy Browns

With very pale yellow homes, a dark deck stain can look too heavy and overwhelming. If your house is a light banana or creamy yellow color, consider a stain that is soft and natural like Kona Brown. Something similar to the natural color of aged wood can look excellent with the house because it is in a similar color family and is not significantly darker. Aim for a brown deck stain that is a few shades darker and just slightly warmer than the yellow of your home. 


Pale Reddish Tones 

If you like the look of a deep red-orange deck but worry about it matching your house, try Rosewood instead. A stain in a pinkish-ochre shade is one of the great stain colors for yellow homes because it can do well with both light and dark yellows. This delicate red deck stain color supports and highlights the yellow of the home without clashing or standing out too much. 


In general, yellow homes do well with warm hues that complement the yellow without looking too "yellowish" themselves. It is almost impossible to go wrong with classic medium brown deck stains, but if you want something a little bolder, you will find that many shades of Olympic stain will go great with your yellow home.
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