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How To Stain A Fence

Guide To Staining Your Fence

One of the easiest ways to give your home a new look is to stain the fence. Take a careful walk around your property's perimeter and determine whether you have any boards in the fence that need to be replaced. You want to repair and replace any rotting planks and then clean up the landscaping around your home's fence. Maintaining high-quality landscaping, including keeping your fence looking new can increase the value of your home. Check out the following tips and tricks to stain your fence and give your whole landscape a freshened look. 


Fresh Look That Protects 

When you apply a fresh coat of color to your fence, you do more than improve its curb appeal. Use a color like Timberline, Espresso or Beige Gray. Your new coat of color will bring out the wood grain of your fencing and make it look brand new without spending the money on replacing an entire fence. Using a premium-quality stain color also provides the wood with sun protection against ultraviolet rays and fights against wood rot. Not only will your fence look better with a fresh coat of quality stain color, but you also ensure your fence has greater longevity.

Materials You Need To Stain A Fence

Preparation is the key to success in any home improvement project. There's also some good news: you can stain your fence in one weekend and it will have time to dry during the work week. Assemble the supplies before you begin your project and it will make the project a breeze. 

• Power washer 

• Firm-bristled brush 

Stain stripper 

• Bleach or deck wash and gloves 

• Sandpaper with various grits 

• High-quality wood stain in your color choice (Olympic also makes a high-quality concrete stain)

• Drop cloth to protect landscaping around fence 


Check Weather Forecast 

The best time for you to stain your fence is when there's no rain in the forecast. Your fence needs to have time to dry completely before the next rainstorm in order to have even-looking results. 

Clean and Strip Fence 

Be sure to power wash your fence before you begin the staining process. Scrub thoroughly each of the fence boards to remove any algae or wood rot that is present. It may be necessary for you to sand any planks that need extra attention. Depending on how faded your previous fence stain may be, you may have to strip the old layer of stain off your fence.

For newer wood, less cleaning will be required apart from washing and removal of any previous stain. If it's brand new, just make sure that you remove any previous stain if there is any present.

Wait at least a 2 to 3 hours for your fence's wood to dry thoroughly after you've power washed it. Now, your canvas is ready for you to begin.

Apply Coats of Fresh Stain Color

You want to mix your stain according to the specific instructions on the product.  Complete and even coverage is crucial. After completing a thorough cleaning and prep of your fence, apply the product with a roller or brush. If there is too much stain in one area, smooth it out evenly.

To maximize your fence's lifespan, it's crucial that you use a sealant to protect your wood. Purchase a top-shelf stain in one of today's contemporary colors to rejuvenate the look of your home's entire landscape. Be sure that your stain has a sealant in it, or finish the job with a stand-alone sealant. 


An Investment in Your Home 

Your choice of premium-quality wood stain is a great investment in keeping your home and landscape looking their finest. Your application of fresh stain will give your home enhanced curb appeal while protecting your fence. When you use a quality fence stain, you're sure to enjoy an attractive fence through many seasons.
(Updated: 3/27/2019)

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