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Finding The Perfect Neutral Stain Colors For Your Deck

Exploring The Renewing Potential Of Neutral Stain Colors

Staining your deck is a relatively straightforward process, but if you don't do proper color research, you may find yourself with a less-than-appealing atmosphere when you're finished. Neutral stain colors tend to mesh well with any decor and can completely remove the potential stress of the color search. Below are some examples of excellent neutral stain colors as well as some helpful tips to keep in mind while you find your perfect fit.

Dark Ash

When choosing a color to stain your deck with, many people tend to gravitate toward neutral stain colors. This is due to many factors, including their ability to refresh the deck in a modern and non-distracting way. Colors such as the semi-transparent Dark Ash are a popular option. Dark Ash is easy on the eyes and steps out of the way, so to speak, allowing you to decorate your deck with a variety of colors.


While searching for neutral deck stain colors, some opt for semi-transparent stains because of their ability to showcase the beauty of the deck's wood. A semi-transparent stain with just the right shade will give your deck the life it needs. You want to keep your eye out for colors that match your home's exterior and choose a neutral color that compliments it. The semi-transparent stain color Drift is a popular choice, due to its light tone, which brings more life to your newly-stained deck. Choosing semi-transparent stains for your deck may not always be the best option, though. Depending on the color of your home's exterior, you may wish to explore different types of stain.

Petrified Wood

Solid stains are great if you'd like to alter the original wood feeling of the deck. Solid colors are great at creating a more opaque and stable feeling. The Petrified Wood color is a great choice for those looking to embolden their deck while staying neutral and allowing a wider color spectrum for future design. Colors in the grey family bring with them a “by-the-sea” look, great for a larger deck. These solid colors completely hide the wood grain, so if your deck has some aesthetic damage, a solid stain would be a great option. 

The options presented to you while planning to stain your deck are larger than you may think, so be sure to take your time and pick the perfect type and color of stain. Each deck is individual, so the stain needs to be tailored specifically to the deck, as well as to your exterior decor. If you bear in mind this advice and keep your options open, your deck-staining project will be a great success.

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