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Six Frequently Asked Wood Stain Questions

Get the answers you need from Olympic

With more than half a century of staining expertise Olympic is here to help. Whether you have just bought a home and want to stain your deck for the first time or if you’ve built a fence and you need to know how to keep it looking new, we have the answers to your most frequently asked wood stain questions.

Q: How long does wood stain take to dry?
A: It really depends on the type of wood and the type of wood stain you applied to your deck. In most cases wait 24-48 hours before walking on your deck, and it may take up to 30 days for the stain to fully cure and set in the wood. Some products like Olympic Smartguard dry much faster and may be ready for foot traffic within the same day. For more information click here.

Q: How do you stain over a deck that is already stained?
A: In most cases staining over a deck that is already stained is a simple process of using an approved premium deck cleaner and staining with a quality wood stain similar in color to the original stain that was applied to the decking. If you want a completely new look and color its recommended you use a deck stripper and brightener wash to really remove the old stain color as much as possible before using a new wood finish.

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Q: How long should I let my deck dry before I stain it?
A: While most decks should be dry for at least 24 hours before applying a coat of finish, other high quality deck stains like Olympic Maximum can actually be applied the same day and can even be applied after raining. For more information click here.

Q: How do I stain redwood?
A: Staining a redwood deck is simple and easy. The number one thing to remember is you want to choose a wood stain that can really allow the beauty of the wood to show through. To make sure you pick the right stain for your redwood decking choose a transparent or semi-transparent wood finish that is lighter in color. For some great choices of wood stain for redwood decks click here.

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Q: What are the different types of wood stains?
A: It can seem confusing when you start trying to read through all of the names of the various types of wood stains. In short there are Clears which allow you to see the entire grain of the wood as it is, Transparent & Semi-Transparent which allow you to see the grain of the wood but add varying degrees of color, and Semi-Solid and Solid which add even more opacity -  almost like paint -  to the stain. There are also Toners, which allow you to add an oil-like finish to your wood, and Deck Resurfacers, a type of finish that completely covers old and damaged wood that needs heavy protection. To learn more about our finishes click here.

Q: How do you mix wood stain color?
A: Short answer: Don’t. Wood stains should never be mixed once they are brought home from the store. With different chemical make-ups and tints deck stain can cause unpredictable results when mixed at home and then applied to your wood. If you’re looking for a specific color of deck stain make sure you choose it first and get it properly tinted by a professional if needed.

Have a question you would love answered by our wood stain experts? Don't be afraid to contact us here. To find out how to stain your deck like a pro check out the link below.

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